Importing Custom Textures

STEP 1 !!!


Make a folder in the \Call of Duty Black Ops III\art_assets\t6_legacy\texture_assets directory and call it whatever you want.

I have called mine “rage_custom_textures”

(E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\art_assets\t6_legacy\texture_assets\rage_custom_textures)

In this folder, put your materials. They all must be TIFF (.tif) files.

There is two programs I recommend for converting to TIFF files.

Pixillion image converter (NCH software) for doing the JPG

KronosPreAlpha0.4 for doing all the rest. (DDS, PNG, TGA, IWI)


Open APE through the Black Ops 3 Launcher1
In the FILE menu at the top left, select ‘New GDT…” and choose a custom name for your personal additions. This can contain anything that you do custom. Minimaps, images, xmodels.

I have called my GDT file “rage_custom”.

Pick a relevant name for the material you are about to import, and make sure there are no spaces or control characters in it.

Now in the bottom left, click the tickbox that says “GDT’s” and type the name of your custom GDT. This will filter all the other GDT’s out of the Assets window.

Right click on your custom GDT in the Assets window on the left, and click “New Asset”.2

Again, right click on your custom GDT in the Assets window on the left, and click “New Asset”.

Type the “Asset Name”, select “material” from “Asset Type”, and select your custom GDT file from the GDT File field if it isn’t already.3

You will now have two items in your Assets window on the bottom left. One will have a blue sphere beside it, and the other will have a icon of a painting.4

At this point, press CTRL + S to save where you are up to.

Click on the item with the icon of the painting : 5

In the “texture” field, press the 6 and find where your texture file is.

It should be located where I instructed you to put it at the beginning of the tutorial. If it is not, please go back and read step 1 again.

Now that you have located your file, copy the following information:

Image Usage: diffuseMap

Compression: Low quality color compression with no Alpha (or Uncompressed)

Image Type: Texture

Everything else is left alone.

Click on the item with the icon of blue sphere : 7

On the right side where it has: 8

Click on the yellow and black icon and pick “lit”

Change Surface type, Gloss Range and Usage from the ‘material’ heading. (e.g. brick, brick, exterior wall)

Asset Tags heading– don’t change anything.

Enemy Material – don’t change anything.

Material > Color > Color Map : test_material <- If you did the previous step correctly, this should already be filled in.9

Open up your Radiant, and open the texture browser. Type the name of your texture into the browser, and it should be there.10

There is a lot of information on all the different options that I haven’t talked about (on purpose) and what they are for in the supplied documentation located at:  \Call of Duty Black Ops III\docs_modtools\Materials.pdf